The effects of compression and crowding on cells


We combine cell biology, computation, quantitative imaging and physical modeling to investigate:

  • Fundamental biology: information processing, mechanobiology, biomolecular condensates, stem cells, evolution.

  • Diseases: cancer, aging, neurodegeneration.



01. control of the intracellular environment

How are the biophysical properties of cells controlled? How does the complex, crowded cellular environment impact information processing?

02. the effects of pressure on cancer

The overgrowth of cancer cells within a confined space leads to the build up of pressure. How do cancer cells adapt to this unusual mechanical environment?

03. synthetic biology

Can we understand biology by building systems from scratch? Can we create useful new tools? …



We are passionate about outreach. Effective communication of research is a crucial skill for individual scientists and is essential for public engagement in science. We founded Science Sketches to empower scientists to contribute to public outreach and science education. Science Sketches are clear, engaging, 2-minute sketch videos that explain current research and fundamental scientific concepts in plain language.


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